Sunday, March 18, 2018

Photographer Events

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Event NameEvent Date 
St Annes Xmas Play 201707/12/17 Select
Bradley Primary School30/11/17 Select
Southlands Family28/11/17 Select
Emily Family 201728/11/17 Select
Repton Nursery13/11/17 Select
Abbots Holme School06/11/17 Select
Eaton Park Academy06/11/17 Select
Yarlet Class 201725/10/17 Select
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Junior School23/10/17 Select
Marshlands School23/10/17 Select
Southlands Nursery17/10/17 Select
Tissington Kindergarten16/10/17 Select
Abbots Holme School16/10/17 Select
Sue family 201713/10/17 Select
St Annes Catholic Primary School Confirmation11/10/17 Select
Green Lea School09/10/17 Select
Ilam School09/10/17 Select
Eaton Park Academy 04/10/17 Select
S.Anselms School02/10/17 Select
Elmhurst Nursery02/10/17 Select
Springfield School02/10/17 Select
St Dominics Catholic Primary School28/09/17 Select
Oulton School25/09/17 Select
Woore Primary School25/09/17 Select
St Annes Primary School25/09/17 Select
St Dominics Priory School25/09/17 Select
Church Eaton School Individuals19/09/17 Select
Abbots Bromley15/09/17 Select
Abbots Bromley School11/09/17 Select
Helen Family 201709/09/17 Select
Stretton Lodge Individuals 201707/09/17 Select
Eaton Park Academy Prom19/07/17 Select
Eaton Park Academy Prom Limo Groups19/07/17 Select
Poppy's Birthday17/07/17 Select
S.Anselms Leavers 201708/07/17 Select
Marshlands School - Lapwings06/07/17 Select
Marshlands School - Kingfishers06/07/17 Select
Oulton first School class2, Reception, Yr4 , yr4fun boys, yr4fun girls 201706/07/17 Select
Marshlands School - Otters06/07/17 Select
Oulton First School Class 3 , Whole School, Yr4 Girls, Yr4 Boys 201706/07/17 Select
Green Lea First School class 201706/07/17 Select
Elmhurst House Pre School04/07/17 Select
St Annes Yr6 Fun Leavers 04/07/17 Select
Ilam class 201704/07/17 Select
St. Dominic's Primary yr6 Leavers04/07/17 Select
St Annes yr6 & Teams04/07/17 Select
St Dominics Nursery 2017 class groups28/06/17 Select
Springfield First School 2017 class27/06/17 Select
Stretton Lodge Group 201725/06/17 Select
Church Eaton Yr6 Individuals23/06/17 Select
Church Eaton yr6 Class 22/06/17 Select
Church Eaton yr6 Girls22/06/17 Select
Southland's Group 201721/06/17 Select
Tissington Class 201721/06/17 Select
Yarlet, U13s Cricket, U12s Rounders20/06/17 Select
Southlands Kindergarten20/06/17 Select
Yarlet , u9s cricket, u11s cricket, u9s rounders, u11s rounders20/06/17 Select
Neelam17/06/17 Select
Yarlet16/06/17 Select
Abbots Bromley Prep Class 201715/06/17 Select
Foremarke Houses and Leavers12/06/17 Select
Reton Nursery Individuals 2017 09/06/17 Select
Newcastle Under Lyme Nursery class 201708/06/17 Select
S.Anselms Nursery Class 201708/06/17 Select
St Annes Class 201706/06/17 Select
Abbots Holme Pre Prep Class 201706/06/17 Select
Yarlet Individuals 201705/06/17 Select
Newcastle under lyme junior school Class & Summer teams 201704/06/17 Select
Abbots Holme Nursery02/06/17 Select
St Annes 1st Holy Communion Group shot23/05/17 Select
St Annes Holy Communion22/05/17 Select
St Dominics 1st Holy Communion15/05/17 Select
Southlands Creche12/05/17 Select
St Dominics PRIORY class 201712/05/17 Select
Smallwood Manor Prep School Class 201711/05/17 Select
North Farm11/05/17 Select
Smallwood Manor Prep School10/05/17 Select
ForemarkePrep class 201704/05/17 Select
Foremarke Hall Pre-Prep02/05/17 Select
Lower School Class 2017 Foremarke Hall 01/05/17 Select
LLoyd01/05/17 Select
Newcastle under lyme junior school winter teams 201725/04/17 Select
Fountains Senior School Individuals 19/04/17 Select
Fountains Junior School Individuals 19/04/17 Select
St Dominics Primary Class 201713/04/17 Select
St Dominics Priory school Play 2017 09/03/17 Select
Corbet05/02/17 Select
Emma T02/11/16 Select
Yarlet Class photos 201616/10/16 Select
St Anseln's School19/09/16 Select
St Dominics Priory stone Class 201605/05/16 Select
Emma T 25/11/15 Select