Photographer Events

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Event NameEvent Date 
Marshlands School27/05/22 Select
St Dominics Primary Class Groups 25/05/22 Select
St Dominics Catholic Primary School Panoramic25/05/22 Select
Newcastle Under Lyme Prep Class & Sports Teams 202224/05/22 Select
Derby High Indv 202219/05/22 Select
St Dominics 1st holy communion 202216/05/22 Select
Stafford Grammar Prep 202216/05/22 Select
The Fountains Primary School12/05/22 Select
St Thomas’ Catholic Primary School06/05/22 Select
Repton Prep05/05/22 Select
St Dominic's Priory Indy 22 29/04/22 Select
Brassington Year 6 & Reception Individuals26/04/22 Select
Brassington Reception & Year 6 Class Group 202226/04/22 Select
Mosley Academy Year 6 Class 202205/04/22 Select
Mosley Academy Reception Class 202205/04/22 Select
All Saints Church of England Primary School - Rangemore Year 601/04/22 Select
All Saints Church of England Primary School - Rangemore Year 6 Class 01/04/22 Select
Needwood C.E Primary School Year 6 Individuals01/04/22 Select
Needwood C.E Primary School Year 6 Class Group01/04/22 Select
Southlands Kindergarten Individuals01/04/22 Select
Clare Proofs23/11/21 Select
Elmhurst House Nursery08/11/21 Select
Repton Toddlers 05/11/21 Select
Stretton Lodge04/11/21 Select
Green Lea First School02/11/21 Select
Kirkireton Primary School25/10/21 Select
Springfields Primary20/10/21 Select
Ilam School18/10/21 Select
Yarlet School18/10/21 Select
St Augustines Catholic Academy18/10/21 Select
Southlands Indv 202114/10/21 Select
Tissington Kindergarten13/10/21 Select
Derby High Siblings12/10/21 Select
Abbotsholme School11/10/21 Select
St Dominics Catholic Primary School11/10/21 Select
Woore Primary School11/10/21 Select
Newcastle Prep School07/10/21 Select
Oulton First School05/10/21 Select
Bradley primary school 2104/10/21 Select
St Marys Catholic Primary School and Nursery29/09/21 Select
Brailsford Primary School28/09/21 Select
S Anselms School27/09/21 Select
St Austins Catholic Primary School27/09/21 Select
St Wystans School Individuals23/09/21 Select
Derby High School Siblings21/09/21 Select
St Johns Catholic Primary School20/09/21 Select
St Thomas' Individuals 202117/09/21 Select
St Anne's Catholic Primary School15/09/21 Select
Moseley Academy Indv 202113/09/21 Select
Katherine & Family 10/09/21 Select
Helen Proofs20/08/21 Select
Extra Indv Repton Prep17/08/21 Select
Green Lea Leavers 2114/07/21 Select
Marshlands Individuals Extras06/07/21 Select
St Mary's Class 202105/07/21 Select
St Mary's Class 3 & Yr 6 Fun Pano05/07/21 Select
Southlands Kindergarten02/07/21 Select
Tissington Class 202129/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Talke Pre School Group 202129/06/21 Select
Abbotsholme School Extra29/06/21 Select
Abbotsholme School Class Groups 202129/06/21 Select
St Augustines28/06/21 Select
St Augustines Holy Communion28/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Talke28/06/21 Select
Brailsford Pankhurst & Year 6 Class 202121/06/21 Select
Brailsford Class 202121/06/21 Select
Ilam Whole School 2021 Class21/06/21 Select
Ilam Year Leavers 202121/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Bassford Pre School Group21/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Basford21/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Brampton Leavers Class Pano18/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Brampton Leavers Class18/06/21 Select
Brailsford Siblings 202118/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Stone Leavers Class 202116/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Brampton Nursery Indv 202116/06/21 Select
St Dominics Primary Class 202115/06/21 Select
Repton Prep Year 8 Leavers Forms & Boarding Houses 202114/06/21 Select
St Dominics Primary Yr 6 Leavers 202114/06/21 Select
St Dominics Priory YR11 Individuals and Siblings 202114/06/21 Select
Giggles & Wiggles Stone14/06/21 Select
St Annes Catholic Primary School Class 202111/06/21 Select
St Annes Catholic Primary School Year 6 Fun 202111/06/21 Select
St Thomas's Reception & Year 6 Class 202108/06/21 Select
St Thomas's Siblings 202108/06/21 Select
Newcastle Prep School Class 202107/06/21 Select
Derby High Class 202107/06/21 Select
Derby High Upper 6th Siblings 202107/06/21 Select
Derby High Upper 6th Class 202107/06/21 Select
Oulton Class 202107/06/21 Select
Oulton First School Year 4 202107/06/21 Select
Yarlet Class Photos 202107/06/21 Select
Yarlet Siblings & Individuals 202107/06/21 Select
Repton Prep School Individuals27/05/21 Select
Fountain High School 202124/05/21 Select
Derby High School 202120/05/21 Select
Denstone Prep Groups 202118/05/21 Select
The Mosley Academy Class Groups18/05/21 Select
Fountains Juniors17/05/21 Select
Denstone College Preparatory School17/05/21 Select
Marshlands School04/05/21 Select
St Dominics Priory Individuals04/05/21 Select
Brassington Primary School Individuals30/04/21 Select
Brassington Primary Class Groups30/04/21 Select
Southlands Nursery12/11/20 Select
Kirk Ireton Primary School10/11/20 Select
Yarlet Indv 202009/11/20 Select
Elmhurst Preschool 202009/11/20 Select
Stretton Lodge Day Nursery 202009/11/20 Select
Prep at Newcastle Under Lyme School05/11/20 Select
Tissington Kindergarten05/11/20 Select
St John's Catholic Primary School05/11/20 Select
Springfields First School04/11/20 Select
Abbotsholme School02/11/20 Select
Ilam C of E28/10/20 Select
St Johns Catholic Primary School Individuals27/10/20 Select
Bradley Primary School Individuals27/10/20 Select
Woore Primary School Individuals27/10/20 Select
St Marys Primary19/10/20 Select
Oulton First School19/10/20 Select
Brailsford School14/10/20 Select
St Austins Primary School12/10/20 Select
St Wystans Individuals 202006/10/20 Select
St Dominics Primary School Individuals06/10/20 Select
St Thomas Individuals 202030/09/20 Select
Green Lea School29/09/20 Select
S. Anselms29/09/20 Select
St Annes Individual24/09/20 Select
Fitzherbert Primary School Individuals21/09/20 Select
Moseley Academy Individuals21/09/20 Select
Southlands Kindergarten Individuals06/08/20 Select
Green Lea First School Year 422/07/20 Select
Green Lea First School Year 422/07/20 Select
St Thomas's Catholic Primary08/07/20 Select
St Dominics Catholic Primary School07/07/20 Select
Karen & Simon03/04/20 Select
Marshlands School26/11/19 Select
St Marys Catholic Families22/11/19 Select
Panoramic Family Group 201922/11/19 Select
St Mary's Confirmation Group 201922/11/19 Select
Elmhurst House Nursery22/11/19 Select
St. Anselms Extras21/11/19 Select
Repron Nursery18/11/19 Select
Southlands Kindergarten18/11/19 Select
Foremarke Equestrian Group 201912/11/19 Select
Foremarke Hall Sports Groups12/11/19 Select
St Johns Catholic05/11/19 Select
Hixon Nursery05/11/19 Select
Southlands Nursery05/11/19 Select
Yarlet School05/11/19 Select
Foremarke Hall Extras05/11/19 Select
Bradley primary04/11/19 Select
Newcastle Prep School Individuals & Families 31/10/19 Select
St Johns Individuals30/10/19 Select
Stretton Lodge Pre29/10/19 Select
Abbots Holme29/10/19 Select
Tissington Kindergarten28/10/19 Select
St Anne's Confirmation Class Group 201924/10/19 Select
St Anselm's24/10/19 Select
Wooe Primary School Individuals & Families 22/10/19 Select
Ilam C E22/10/19 Select
Oulton First School22/10/19 Select
St Patricks Primary21/10/19 Select
Brailsford Primary School14/10/19 Select
St Dominics Primary School Individuals 201912/10/19 Select
Springfields First School Individuals 201912/10/19 Select
St Dominics Priory Individuals 201903/10/19 Select
St Thomas Rec Ind02/10/19 Select
St Annes Catholic01/10/19 Select
St Thomas27/09/19 Select
The Mosley Academy24/09/19 Select
Foremarke Hall Individuals 201920/09/19 Select
St Wystans Individuals 201920/09/19 Select
St Mary's Catholic20/09/19 Select
Green Lea First School20/09/19 Select
St Austins Primary19/09/19 Select
Fitzherbert Primary School Individuals & Families18/09/19 Select
Jill & Alex family 201918/07/19 Select
Stretton Lodge Pre School Group15/07/19 Select
Stretton Lodge Individuals12/07/19 Select
Elmhurst Leavers group12/07/19 Select
S. Anselms Yr8 Leavers Party Groups10/07/19 Select
S. Anselms Yr8 Party10/07/19 Select
St Johns Primary Class Groups 201905/07/19 Select
St Thomas Sports Groups & Year 4 & 5 Class 201905/07/19 Select
St Thomas Class Year 1 , Year 2 & Year 3 Groups05/07/19 Select
Southlands Kindergarten Class Group 201905/07/19 Select
KS Individual05/07/19 Select
St Marys 1st Holy Communion Group 201905/07/19 Select
St Marys 1st Holy Communion Individuals05/07/19 Select
Kam & Cyrus03/07/19 Select
St Dominics Prom02/07/19 Select
Sue 70th02/07/19 Select
St Dominics Prom01/07/19 Select
Repton Baby & Toddler Group01/07/19 Select
St Thomas 1st Holy Communion Group01/07/19 Select
St Thomas Holy Communion Individuals 201928/06/19 Select
St Johns Year 6 Fun 201928/06/19 Select
St Wystans Individuals26/06/19 Select
St Wystans Sports25/06/19 Select
Ilam Year 6 Leavers Group24/06/19 Select
Woodpeckers - Kingfishers & Year 4 Fun 201924/06/19 Select
Springfields Class 201924/06/19 Select
Woore Primary Year 6 Fun Leavers24/06/19 Select
Woore Primary School Class 201924/06/19 Select
Tissington Kindergarten Class Group24/06/19 Select
Ilam School 201924/06/19 Select
S Anselm's Nursery Group 201919/06/19 Select
Foremarke Siblings19/06/19 Select
Green Lea First School Class 201918/06/19 Select
Brailsford Individuals Extras 201917/06/19 Select
Oulton First School Leavers 201914/06/19 Select
Oulton First School Class Groups14/06/19 Select
Brailsford Primary Sports & Class Groups14/06/19 Select
Brailsford Class Groups 201914/06/19 Select
Edenhurst yr6 Individuals11/06/19 Select
Edenhurst Year 6 Class Groups 201911/06/19 Select
Edenhurst Year 6 Fun Leavers Group11/06/19 Select
Foremarke Boarding Houses & Year 8 Formal Group 201910/06/19 Select
Foremarke Year 8 Fun Leaver Group 201910/06/19 Select
St Wystans Extras10/06/19 Select
R & S family10/06/19 Select
St Thomas Year 6 Class 201907/06/19 Select
St Thomas Year 6 Fun Groups 07/06/19 Select
St Thomas yr6 individuals06/06/19 Select
Southlands Nursery04/06/19 Select
Newcastle Under Lyme Prep School Class and Summer Teams03/06/19 Select
St Wystans School Forms03/06/19 Select
Yarlet Individuals 201931/05/19 Select
St Dominics Holy Communion 201931/05/19 Select
Yarlet Sport & Year 8 Leavers 31/05/19 Select
Fountains Extras29/05/19 Select
Abbotsholme Class Groups 201924/05/19 Select
Bradley Primary School23/05/19 Select
St Annes Holy Communion Individuals 201920/05/19 Select
St Annes Holy Communion Group 201920/05/19 Select
St Patricks First Holy Communion 2019 Individuals20/05/19 Select
St patricks Catholic Primary School Holy Communion20/05/19 Select
St Annes Class & Teams 201916/05/19 Select
Denstone Prep School Individuals & Familes14/05/19 Select
Fitzherbert Primary School Class Groups 201914/05/19 Select
Fitzherbert Primary School Year 6 Fun Leavers14/05/19 Select
St Dominics Catholic Primary School Classes 201909/05/19 Select
St Dominics Priory Class Groups 201909/05/19 Select
St Dominics Priory Year 11 Leavers 201909/05/19 Select
Foremarke Lower School Individuals 201908/05/19 Select
Foremarke Lower School 2019 Whole Group08/05/19 Select
Foremarke Lower School Class Groups08/05/19 Select
Fountains Primary School 2019 Individuals08/05/19 Select
Foremarke Pre Prep Individuals02/05/19 Select
Foremarke Pre Prep Class Groups02/05/19 Select
Foremarke Pre Prep Whole School Group 201902/05/19 Select
Newcastle under lyme Prep School Winter teams 2019 01/05/19 Select
Fountains High School26/04/19 Select
St Patricks Confirmation Group 201928/02/19 Select
St Patricks Confirmation 2019 individuals22/02/19 Select
Mark & Louise06/12/18 Select
St Annes Christmas Play 05/12/18 Select
Southlands Nursery20/11/18 Select
Repton M & B Studio 19/11/18 Select
Kirk Ireton Primary School Individuals & Families 14/11/18 Select
St Dominics Primary Individuals 201805/11/18 Select
Marshlands Individuals 201805/11/18 Select
St Anne's Confirmation 201831/10/18 Select
Southlands Individuals October 201826/10/18 Select
Yarlet Whole School 201823/10/18 Select
St Johns Individuals 201822/10/18 Select
Springfields Extras22/10/18 Select
Abbots Holme Individuals 2018 18/10/18 Select
St Dominics Priory Individuals 15/10/18 Select
Green Lea Individuals 15/10/18 Select
Woore Primary School 15/10/18 Select
Bradley School10/10/18 Select
Ilam School10/10/18 Select
Tissington Kindergarten10/10/18 Select
Springfields03/10/18 Select
Brailsford03/10/18 Select
Stretton Lodge Nursery01/10/18 Select
oulton School27/09/18 Select
St Annes School Individuals26/09/18 Select
Elmhurst House Nursery 26/09/18 Select
Oulton School Individuals25/09/18 Select
St Wystans19/09/18 Select
Church Eaton Individuals18/09/18 Select
S Anselms Individuals17/09/18 Select
Abbots Bromley Individuals 13/09/18 Select
The Fitzherbert Primary School11/09/18 Select
Whawell family 201824/07/18 Select
21st celebrations24/07/18 Select
Mitch & Tyler ( family) 22/07/18 Select
Charley 201820/07/18 Select
Stretton Lodge 1 proof10/07/18 Select
Elmhurst explorers 201810/07/18 Select
Elmhurst Whole school 201810/07/18 Select
Green Lea Class 201808/07/18 Select
Green Lea First School Whole School 201808/07/18 Select
Ilam Class 201805/07/18 Select
Ilam Robins Class 201805/07/18 Select
St Johns Class 201805/07/18 Select
St Johns Leavers 201805/07/18 Select
Tissington Kindergarten Class 201802/07/18 Select
Repton Nursery02/07/18 Select
Southlands Group 201827/06/18 Select
Stretton Lodge Nursery Class 201827/06/18 Select
St Annes Class & Teams 201827/06/18 Select
St Annes Fun Year 6 Leavers 201827/06/18 Select
Southlands Kindergarten27/06/18 Select
Stretton Lodge Leavers25/06/18 Select
Springfields Kingfishers Leavers 201825/06/18 Select
Springfields First School 201825/06/18 Select
Oulton First School Whole School & Nursery25/06/18 Select
Foremarke School19/06/18 Select
Church Eaton Primary School Class 201818/06/18 Select
Church Eaton Primary School Whole School & Year 6 Leavers 201818/06/18 Select
Abbots Bromley Year 6 Fun 201818/06/18 Select
Abbots Bromley Class 201818/06/18 Select
JW201817/06/18 Select
Bradley Primary School Class 201812/06/18 Select
Brailsford Class 201811/06/18 Select
Brailsford Primary School Sport YR5 & YR6 201811/06/18 Select
Foremarke Year 8 Formal & Boarding Houses11/06/18 Select
Foremarke Year 8 Fun Panoramic Leavers Group11/06/18 Select
Oulton First School Class 201811/06/18 Select
Yarlet Individuals (2)07/06/18 Select
Newcastle under Lyme Nursery / Tennis Group 201806/06/18 Select
Yarlet Sport 2018 05/06/18 Select
S. Anselms Nursery Class 2018 05/06/18 Select
Abbotsholme Year 6 Fun Leavers 05/06/18 Select
Abbotsholme Class 201805/06/18 Select
Southlands Creche04/06/18 Select
Yarlet Individuals04/06/18 Select
Yarlet Indviduals04/06/18 Select
Newcastle under Lyme Junior School Summer Teams & Classes 2018 01/06/18 Select
St Annes Catholic23/05/18 Select
St Annes Catholic group23/05/18 Select
St Dominics Catholic Primary Class 201821/05/18 Select
St Dominics Catholic21/05/18 Select
St Dominics Priory School Class 201818/05/18 Select
St Dominics Priory School Class 2018 Panoramic18/05/18 Select
Fountains High School15/05/18 Select
Foremarke Individuals08/05/18 Select
Denstone Prep School YR6 Individuals 08/05/18 Select
Newcastle under Lyme Junior School Winter Teams 01/05/18 Select
St Dominics Catholic Primary Class 201801/05/18 Select
Foremarke Pre Prep Class 201801/05/18 Select
Fountains Senior School30/04/18 Select
100yrs old18/04/18 Select
Fountains Junior School10/04/18 Select
Yarlet Class 201725/10/17 Select
Green Lea School09/10/17 Select
S.Anselms School02/10/17 Select
Abbots Bromley School11/09/17 Select
Foremarke Houses and Leavers12/06/17 Select
Yarlet Individuals 201705/06/17 Select
Southlands Creche12/05/17 Select
Corbet05/02/17 Select
Elmhurst Nursery06/10/16 Select
Elmhurst House Nursery09/10/15 Select